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House Of Stars – A New Reality TV Show

Date: 31st May, 2023*

The public is hereby informed that Kings Empire an Entertainment Company based in Freetown Sierra Leone will be hosting its maiden edition of the House of Stars Reality TV Show this year 2023.

House of Stars is an ultimate reality TV show where participants join a group of stars in a house where they’ll compete in various fun, interactive and challenging tasks on a daily basis. Every week, a certain amount of participants will be eliminated until the final week of the show, where top two winners will occupy the first and second position and take home various prizes.

This is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an exclusive group of stars to compete for the ultimate prize. Participants will be ready to show off their skills and prove to have what it takes to be the last star standing!

The show is expected to start in October and ends in December of this year-2023. An expected number of over 20 participants from various sectors within the entertainment industry including; musicians, movie stars, DJs, comedian, models, fashion designers, social media influencers, bloggers, dancers, sport men and sport women.

Criteria for participation will includes but not limited to the following:
1) Have a total number of over 20,000 followers on social media
2) Must be well known in the sector which he or she engages in, and must be seen as a star or celebrity within the society.
3) Must be talented, creative and entertaining

The show is intended to gather millions of viewers from all around the world. With rich contents, originality and uniqueness in addition of a well selection of the very best of participant, we are sure the event will take the industry into another level.

Application forms will be available to the public by the end of July 2023 with a cost of NLe 1,000 (Le 1,000,000)
The prize worth is a three bedroom flat, a car, household equipment plus 50 million Old Leones cash.
For additional information, please contact us on the following number: +232 78090301/ +23277714455

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Jelly Bee’s New Single “I GBOYA” featuring Deeno Jay Surpasses 10,000 Streams on Audiomack

Jelly Bee is a rising star in the music industry. She was recently unveiled by Abangz Originals on May 13th, 2023. Since then, she has been making waves with her new single “I GBOYA.”

“I GBOYA” has been a huge success for Jelly Bee. It has surpassed 10,000 streams on Audiomack and is gaining popularity on all streaming platforms and on social media. The song has a catchy beat and fun lyrics that make it easy to dance along to.

With the success of “I GBOYA,” Jelly Bee is sure to have a bright future in the music industry. She has a unique sound and style that sets her apart from other artists. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

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After 8 Months At Pademba Prison …, Don Creek Poise to Release Hit Song ‘BOUNCE’

In his expedition in rejuvenating Sierra Leone’s contemporary music, Samuel Ulaba Samura professionally referred to as Don Creek is invigorating up to drop another mega-hit song after serving an eight-month and nine days jail term at the Male Correctional Centre in Freetown ( Pademba Road Prison ). Don Creek Beatz is fully ready to drop his recent song dubbed “ BOUNCE “ featuring top-notch Sierra Leonean stars of different genres of music.

The “BOUNCE “song came about as his continual undaunted passion for entertaining music lovers across the world after entertaining them with a nationwide hit song “ Take Me Ann “ last year. The song earned Don Creek so many awards and accolades. The “ Take Me Ann” song has been playing throughout the nook and cranny of Sierra Leone and even beyond. The song enjoyed so much airplay on Tv and Radio Stations, nightclubs, pubs, and bars.

However, the long-awaited and most anticipated song of the year “ BOUNCE “ is about to drop soon on all social media platforms and radio stations across the country. The Management of Don Creek Beatz over the past few days has been unveiling the artists featured in the song. The public has been anxiously waiting to see all the featured artists on the song. The final flyer containing all the artists on the joint is finally out to the public domain. The Superstars on the classic song are King Boss La, Star Zee, Don Mystiq, Rahim D Wizard, Prezo Colabo, Daddy Gizzy, Mus B, and Eddy Jay. The above-listed artists have the lyrical prowess to make the song a mega-hit.

Don Creek is currently ranked as the country’s best music producer with platinum-hit songs to his credit. He has worked with top musicians in the music industry like King Boss La, Star Zee, Itribe, Rahim D Wizard, Kracktwist, Samza, and Cool Jay amongst others. He won the 2021 NEA awards and this year’s NSA awards as Best Producer of the Year. Don Creek Beatz has the prerequisite skills in making a song become a hit.

The momentum of the “ BOUNCE “ song has been growing up every day and fans are in an anxious mood to listen to the song because they already know that it is a unique song that everyone will relate to. The fans are expecting something nicer than “ Take Me Ann “ and Don Creek Beatz is posed to live up to expectations because of the caliber of artists on the song.

Credit: Prezo Koroma

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Laff N Jam with Kindo Armani the “Unopposed”

Get ready to laugh your pants off and jam the night away with Kindo Armani Unopposed Edition on May 6th at Bintumani! This is your chance to experience an unforgettable night of rib-cracking comedy and musical entertainment. Come join us for an evening of laughter, music, and fun! Kindo Armani

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Justice Adrian Fisher has just found LAJ guilty on all four Counts brought against him

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Justice Fisher didn’t in any way refuse LAJ bail “because of alleged interference with witnesses.” Alone, but the seriousness of the offense of robbery which attracts 14 years imprisonment

Judiciary Communications, Main Law Courts Building in Freetown, 25th October, 2022: High Court Judge presiding over the case: State Vs Alhaji Amadu Bah, Honourable Justice Adrian J. Fisher has in his Ruling outlined reasons for refusing bail to accused Alhaji Amadu Bah, popularly known as LAJ.

Contrary to media reports, Justice Fisher didn’t in any way refuse bail “because of alleged interference with witnesses.” Alone.

According to Awoko Newspaper, “Justice Fischer has ruled that even though Popular musician LAJ is sick he must be remanded in custody until the closure of his case because of alleged interference with witnesses.”

There is no where in the ruling in which the judge ruled that he was sick. The judge concluded that if he was sick, it was the duty of the correctional services by law to ensure he is given medical treatment. The judge took into consideration the interference with witnesses by members of LAJ’s family and the seriousness of the offence of robbery which attracts 14 years imprisonment and public protection.

For more information contact the Judiciary Communications on +23276617548/7910186

Source:The Judiciary of Sierra Leone

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Incarcerated Entertainment Journalist-Prezo Koroma: A Victim of Circumstance

Sierra Leonean entertainment journalist and DJ, Ibrahim Koroma aka Prezo Koroma is still languishing at the Male Correctional Centre on Pa Demba Road in Freetown, following his arrest and detention four months ago.

Prezo Koroma and 11 others were arrested at the OSD Headquarters (nicknamed Benghazi custody holding center) in Freetown on the 15th June 2022 for alleged ‘riotous conduct and disorderly behaviour’.

Following the arbitrary arrest of popular rapper, Alhaji Amadu Bah, commonly known as LAJ on Sunday 12th June 2022, Prezo Koroma and others went to the Court building on Pa Demba Road hoping to witness the hearing of LAJ’s matter as it was earlier speculated. Everybody waited in vain, the matter was not even charged at the material time.

After waiting in vain, Prezo Koroma and others, including family members of Boss LAJ went to the OSD Headquarters (Benghazi) to find out from the Police about the arrest of LAJ. Eyewitnesses say that they were arrested and detained on arrival without putting any resistance or violence conduct.

It is appalling to learn that a journalist could be arrested and detained for merely doing his job, which is, to investigate from the Police about the arrest of an entertainer and report the facts, rather than to speculate.

As he wished to report a balanced and credible story on a matter that has attracted public interest, this opportunity was denied him by the Police and he was instead arrested and detained with other visitors and later charged to court with ‘riotous conduct and disorderly behaviour’.

Prezo Koroma and others were arraigned before Magistrate Mark Ngegba and they were tried in just one week and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

Many believe there was no sufficient evidence from the State Prosecutors but they were found guilty and sent back to prison. There was no consideration by the Magistrate to consider that they were first-time offenders, by thus imposing fines on them and provided for by law.

Prezo Koroma and others have filed in an appeal to High Court, for an opportunity to review the matter and get a fair judgement. The Defense is led by Lawyer Pa Momoh Fofanah and Lawyer Charles Pujeh.

The appealed matter came up on August 24th before Justice Adrian Fischer at High Court No. 1 in Freetown. There has been no hearing yet since it was appealed, as there are documents requested from the State Counsel to provide. This has caused injustice to the accused persons who are still behind bars.

Prezo Koroma has been one of the most vibrant and professional Entertainment journalists who is dedicated to do his job with professionalism and within the dictates of the law and media ethics.

He is the Secretary General of the Sierra Leone DJs Union (SLeDU), a Radio Presenter of the Prezo Koroma Junction and Manage De Damage programs on Sierra Network TV and Kalleone Radio respectively.

His arrest and detention has been a big blow to the entertainment industry in Sierra Leone, and it has further dampened the spirit of journalists who may wish to continue their professional job, in entertainment reporting. The question still remains – ‘why was Prezo Koroma arrested?’

(C) The Calabash Newspaper

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We greet you in the name of God Almighty President Bio. Your children are down on their knees pleading for mercy. His Excellency sir, we want to officially bring it to your notice that some of our colleague Entertainers have been behind bars for almost three months now. They fall short of the law and we are humbly asking for forgiveness on their behalf.

Mr. President sir, the Entertainment Industry over the decades had stood up for the country in terms of need. During our 11 years of civil war, Entertainers played a pivotal role in restoring peace and stability in the country. You may also recall the role the Entertainment industry played during the Ebola outbreak and recently the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As we are about to go into the 2023 elections, the country’s creative industries have a great role to play in ensuring violence-free elections just like it was in 2007, 2012, and 2018 respectively. His Excellency Sir, the current state of affairs in the country required the intervention of the Entertainment industry. Entertainment is the easiest way of disseminating information to the public.

In the bid to prevent the recurrence of the August 10th insurgency, your government should fully utilize we Entertainers to educate our fans on the need to maintain the peace and stability the country has enjoyed for years. The fans have great respect for us as their stars and whatever comes out from us they see as the gospel truth.

The Entertainment industry has what it takes to reunite Sierra Leoneans devoid of politics, ethics, and regionalism. We are more than ready to work with the government on massive civic education across Sierra Leone on different issues the citizens lack knowledge of.

President Tok & Do Bio we please seek for your government to forgive our colleagues in Prison.

Salone Entertainment Industry.

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Sierra Network Pleads: Prezo Koroma Still Behind Bars? An Entertainment Journalist Doing His Work

Prezo Koroma has been in the media landscape and the Entertainment Industry for the past 15 years. He was doing his lawful job as an Entertainment Journalist which led to his arrest at the OSD Headquarters ( Bengazi ). He was charged to court on two counts charge and later sentenced to 18 months in imprisonment.

We are kindly pleading with the government of Sierra Leone to release Prezo Koroma and others. Please papa government temper justice with Mercy.

Please free our colleagues now as they have suffered enough.

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Message From Alhaji Amadu Bah (LAJ)

My fellow Sierra Leoneans,

Following my arrest and detention on 12th June 2022, I have been very pleased with the wide condemnation by numerous sections against the police for abuses directed against my human rights.

I wish to thank all Sierra Leoneans, civil society and human rights activists who have spoken out openly against the unjust and unfair way my Human Rights have been violated. I want to assure the public that all the allegations against me including charges of robbery with violence are false. My lawyers are actively working on this, and I pray that I get a fair trial and a chance to prove my innocence. I am desperate to see this matter conclude because I know I am innocent. My next court date is 28th June 2022.

I want to assure all Sierra Leoneans that I am a peace-loving Sierra Leonean and despite all the pains I am enduring, I request all my fans to remain calm and respect the peace.

I also thank my family and my legal team for standing strongly by me both in and out of court and for ensuring that I defend myself against these wild allegations. The truth will surely last.

Please continue to follow my favourite Housemate on AYV Channel 399. Vote for Karafilo, Housemate #23 TTD.

God bless you all!