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Calling SLPP’s Bluff With Le100 Mil – Dr Sylvia Blyden


I will give Le100,000,000.00 (100 Million Leones) CASH instantly to anyone showing Judgment under former APC Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma where any Judge in Sierra Leone ordered a 2nd place candidate to go and replace a petitioned MP in Parliament. It never happened under APC! NEVER! It never did! NEVER!

Contrary to nefarious SLPP’s shameless propaganda being shared by their associates and cohorts, Justice Adeliza Showers never gave such Orders!

Today’s judgments have NO PRECEDENT in Justice Adeliza Showers’ judgment of 2013. Though controversial, the Adeliza Showers judgment can stand legal scrutiny. Her decision was against Christiana Thorpe flounting an High Court Injunction. The Showers ruling, without more, was that the High Court should be respected when it places an Injunction on someone. Showers never directly ordered for a second place candidate to replace a petitioned winning MP in Parliament like has today happened during an SLPP Maada Bio Government. Infact, Showers did not even have an Election issue in front of her but rather, she presided over challenges to pre-election Nomination. So where’s the so-called precedent?

The ONLY correct precedent that should have been followed today was that of the 2008 Judgment of Justice Naomi Tunis in 2007 Elections Petition of Former Honourable Sallieu Conteh by Honourable Ansumana Jaiah Kaikai of Constituency 87. That election was re-run as by Law established.

Finally, I urge all APC Comrades to hold your heads high and bravely defend our party’s integrity because we never stooped this low-down dirty. We never did such a nasty in Sierra Leone and when we come back to govern, we will never repeat such. And that PRIDE in the decency of the APC leadership style is why I am so confident to place this 100 million leones challenge against cheap SLPP propaganda. Osaiiiiii Owaiiiiii

(Photo is of me and President Koroma a few years ago in Port Loko. He made mistakes, like all humans do, but I remain very proud of the decency of his APC Leadership of our country)

Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR
Washington DC, United States.
Friday May 31st 2019

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