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As Dr. Sarah Bendu Takes The Exit Door, Madam Memunatu Koroma Poist To Take SLRSA To A Higher Heights

Madam Memunatu Koroma the Newly appointed Acting Deputy Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) has expressed her passion and commitment to take the SLRSA to a higher heights.
In her acceptance speech as a the newly appointed Acting Executive Director, Madam Koroma thanked the honorable Minister of Transport and Aviation Leonard Balogun Koroma, Rev. Michael Samura chairman board of directors SLRSA, and Members of the Board for the rare privilege to serve in the capacity of Acting Executive Director of such an important agency of the Government and the people of Sierra Leone.
She said although the challenge will be very compelling and demanding but she have learnt very quickly that no matter how prepared or unprepared in life we might be, we must all become students of life with teachable spirits and open minds willing to learn and grow with our experiences and challenges. She said in spite of the odds, she and her entire staff members with the support of stakeholders will overcome and excel.
Madam Koroma said her first focus will be to restore staff morale and reassure all members of staff that the days ahead, though they may throw great challenges at us, will certainly be better than the ones behind us.
“SLRSA is an agency of government that touches the life of every average Sierra Leonean, whether as an owner or operator of a vehicle or other sources of land transportation, a user of Transport sources from point A to B, or just as a pedestrian on the road at any given time. Whether in the high streets of Freetown and its suburbs or in the remote areas of our provinces. We even tell stories of our transport experience to members of our family when we get home” Madam Koroma said.
She noted that their call to duty is a dignified one, hence as a team, they must be guided by a distinctive resolve to serve with sacrifice. She said she intends to build a team whose hallmark will be transparency, accountability and professional service delivery.
Madam Koroma said she would systematically engage all staff across the various departments in the head office and all sectoral commands to be more productive and highly performance oriented. She said under her tenure, the SLRSA will work with other ministries, departments and agencies of government as well as stakeholders (the police, transport authorities, Drivers Union…etc.) to ensure that our efforts are collaborative to the benefit of Sierra Leone and certainly not in conflict. In fact, in the next few months the Authority would be introducing a Performance Management System (PMS) that enables all staff to be self – accounting and take full responsibility for their Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The PMS will also engage departmental and sectoral or regional teams to articulate and understand that the execution of the demand of their team KPI will be the rationale for their performance assessment.
“Our creed will be to build an organization that is self evolving and sensitive as well as adaptive to the dynamics of its operating environment. There will be no limit to creativity and innovation in this place if the cost benefit analysis is decent and appropriate “.
She said she would also ensure appropriate resource planning and improved revenue returns to the coffers of the government and people of Sierra Leone.
She appreciated the challenges on ground. And noted that her experience and assessment of their operational outlook shows that they need to build capacity, close their yawning skill gaps, equip their units and ensure proper and better monitoring and supervision of these units.
She said the SLRSA will introduce more refined processes and of course demand better performance and reporting across all level of our operations.
She expressed her sincere thanks and appreciation to the Honorable Minister, Chairman and Board of SLRSA and invited her staff members and people of Sierra Leone to a project ‘REINVENT SLRSA’.
She wished the government and the people of Sierra Leone a Merry Christmas and A Safer and Prosperous 2018.
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