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APC And Surrogates Plan To Distort Public’s Attention – Hon Lahai Lawrence Leema


BY: Hon Lahai Lawrence Leema

If only those self acclaimed CSOs intending to organize unwarranted protests are sincere with Sierra Leoneans, by now, they should applaud President Bio’s SLPP government for making efforts to maintain Law and Order, to institute the Commission Of Inquiry (COI) and for injecting life into the work of the Anti Corruption Commission which has helped us so much in understanding how our nation’s economy had been siphoned by unpatriotic and corrupt politicians. Instead of joining forces with government to embark on awareness raising campaigns on how citizens can participate in rebuilding the economy that was wrecked by APC (primary role of CSOs), they are busy with their diversionary tactics in both the social and traditional media misinforming the public about government programs.

The APC privatized most public corporations and they bought most of the shares in those privatized public institutions.
They wrecked the economic systems of the country and positioned themselves in a manner that they determine the economic flow of the state, thereby misusing the resources.

In the course of the American struggle for independence, their citizens cultivated a culture of love and decent human face by not unnecessarily increasing prices and making livelihood difficult for their citizens. In Sierra Leone, the contrary happens. At the slightest opportunity, some unscrupulous individuals take advantage of situations and inflate prices.

When I listened to their reasoning this morning 20th January 2020, it begs the question of whether it is because their mischief to unleash their TASK FORCE to perpetrate violence on peaceful and innocent citizens has been exposed that they are now using their alternative course of action in the form of a protest to divert the public attention from the revelations of the commission of inquiry and to further punctuate government action plans?

Your right to a peaceful protest is guaranteed under the constitution of Sierra Leone, and this government of President Bio will not in any way try to stifle that right.

However, the security of the state and its citizens supersedes everything. The government has a responsibility to protect same for the overall good of the country and its citizens.

These surrogates are using the artificial market situation as a cloak to justify disturbances in this country, especially so when the president and his government are making genuine efforts to not just better the lives of citizens but to also map out the necessary infrastructure for a sustainable national growth.

As a government, we should be able to identify that it is the sincerity of this government to work for the development of this country that the APC is worried about, particularly so that there is evidence of their records which substantiates the fact that the APC is not good for this country and not good for themselves, as president Bio had famously and rightly stated before.

As a security expert with both local and international law enforcement trainings, It is my considered opinion that the notice of the Renaissance Movement is not genuine but premeditated to cause havoc in the normalcy of the functioning of the state. It is also viewed as a ploy to distract the public attention from the good work of President Bio’s led SLPP government. Above all, it is an orchestration to distract government from coming up with concrete action plans to deal with recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry.

President Bio and his SLPP led government are focused on ensuring that the Sierra Leone that was inherited with a collapsed economy, disharmony and weak institutions, is recreated, with a result-driven purpose to revamp the economy through economic diversification, cohesiveness and a peaceful working republic and above all a prosperous state for the collective good of its people.

Long live the President!
Long live the people of Sierra Leone!
Long live Sierra Leone!

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