What happened today (April 25, 2018) in the wells of parliament is a sign of a looming political instabilitity in Sierra Leone.The 5th sitting of parlaiment has been marred by a serious power play and a total lack of institutional integrity.

The Court of Sierra Leone is being used as a political war front to wrestle the opposition – through injuctions and technical blow out from participating in the upcoming speakership elections. This is a sad day for our democracy.

Certainly, the show of force by the presence of the police in removing the newly elected MPS is “an assault to democracy” and a defeat to the basic rules of “governing by consensus and protecting the legitimate and constitutional will of the people of Sierra Leone.”

Is there a power vacuum in Sierra Leone? Do you mean to tell me that – Sierra Leone don’t have the political and moral leadership to prevent and control such quagmire? Is the battle of supremacy more relevant than the battle of the majority?

As a political leader, here are my recommendations to President Juluis Bio:

1.Reconstitute your parliamentary leadership and advise that all injunctions must be adjudicated by he court before a speakership election commence.

2. Broadcast to the nation that your Presidency is determined to protect the will of the majority whether it is the opposition or the ruling paty. That MP”s of every political persuautions must behave with professionalism and ethical integrity.

3.Change the political tone – that your government is about addressing national issues than about the “eye for an eye” politics that will leave everybody blind. Focus on national development and discourage those who belong to the past.

4.Reconsider changing your advisory team and be more inclusive on your next appointment of government Minisiters/officials. And continue to seek divine direction for your stewardship.

No matter what political affiliations you find yourself – LOVE conquers HATE. Here is an excerpt of my interview on AYV TV – THIS DAY on (April 12, 2018): ” If you sit behind the desk of the people’s trust and govern with hate, malice, revenge and retribution, history will be unkind to you and you will fail. But if you govern from the heart of love, grace, compassion, empathy and care, you will succeed in everthing you do.”

MC Bah
Leader/Presdiential Candidate NDA-Sierra Leone.

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