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Alleged Kidnapping At Adonkia Is False

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Alleged Kidnapping at Adonkia is False

Social media is awash with a skewed reportage on both audio and video of an alleged kidnapping incident at Adonkia, involving a pregnant woman in a red jeep.

The Media and Public Relations Department of the SLP wishes to make it abundantly clear that it is all fake.

The incident alluded to both on audio and video concerns a young man (name withheld) who was driving along in a red jeep with registration number AND 878. He was in the Jeep with his fiance (a pregnant woman).

The facts are that they had a quarrel in the vehicle which resulted to the lady crying while they were still driving along.

Because the lady was crying and the vehicle was still in motion, that attracted some people who thought that she could have been kidnapped.

They then angrily chased the vehicle with the intention to mob the driver and probably free up the lady.

Seeing the desperation and determination of the crowd, the driver feared for his life and sped up to the Goderich Police Station at Adonkia.

On reaching the police station, he parked and jumped out of the vehicle and then rushed in there for his protection.

The angry mobbers then resorted to pelting stones on personnel and the police station but they had to be repelled, to the point of discharging teargas cannisters to disperse them.

The situation has since been put under control and investigations into the said incident are ongoing.


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OCTOBER 27, 2021.

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