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The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Joseph Jonathan Ndanema, has given hope to the people of Portloko District after he preached to them the aims and objectives of the New Direction Administration for Portloko District and more especially with regards Agriculture and the road map to the attainment of Food Self Sufficiency “Portloko District is very vast and has high potential in Agriculture, this district will play a pivotal role towards our dream of attaining Food Self Sufficiency. I have arranged with several companies from across the world and they will soon arrive in the country to invest in Agriculture and Portloko will be one of the hubs. I will bring several companies and equipments here. Our government is a talk and do government. Whatever we say, we do” the minister emphasized and was welcomed by thunderous and rapturous applauses by attendees.

Portloko has Bollies than all other parts of the country

In his quest to see things for himself, the Minister and entourage travelled the length and breath of Portloko District and even hard-to-reach-areas/villages were not left out.

Rhombeh Swamp which is 14.7 thousand hectares of swamp was the first site to be visited in the District.

Mpala Village Locomasama Chiefdom was next on the itinerary where the farms of one of the most renowned names in Agriculture and other spheres of life, Pa Wurie who happens to be the Fullah tribal Head were visited.

Next on the itinerary was *Rhombeh Town Agricultural Station and Inland Valley Swamps *, this is a landmark place which was first used by the Italians.

Next was *Babara Town, Locomasama Chiefdom * and Gbainty Wallah Wharf was the last but not the least.

In all these places visited the Minister had messages of hope for each town and village. He has an Agricultural masterplan for all of them. He is poised to transform their farming activities from small scale to large scale and from subsistence to commercialization as he put it “Agriculture is now Business “

All the above-mentioned places lamentations were heard from residents. The challenges are written all over them and their farms as they put it succinctly ”these areas were totally neglected by the former ministers of Agriculture and previous APC government led by former President Koroma”.


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