Advance Team holds midnight meeting to improve tourism in Bonthe District


By Mohamed Faray Kargbo

Stakeholders from the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, the National Tourist Board, Monuments and Relics Commission and Civil Society for Sustainable Tourism arrived in Bonthe Island on Thursday October 4, 2018 to among other things explore possibilities of imprving tourism in the district.

In a pre-briefing meeting held by 12 midnight, the team spoke about the rationale for coming to Bonthe, viz: the holding of community meetings, general cleaning of the beaches and research and documentation of historic and heritage resources.

“I will be looking for investment opportunities as I move around” remarked Mohammed Jalloh, the Tourism Director, Ministry of Tourism.

Deputy Mayor of Bonthe, Mohamed Robinson welcomed the team to the Island while underscoring the need to rescue their Island.

“We have a lot of touristic sites in Bonthe which when fully enhanced will provide the much needed socio-economic development.”

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr Robinson facilitated the teams logistical support while providing overall direction of the team’s proposals.

Chaired by Umaru Woody of the National Tourist Board, the pre-briefing meeting ended with a well thought-out plan of action.

The Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, the Acting General Manager, National Tourist Board and the Administrator, Monuments and Relics Commission are expected to arrive in Bonthe later today for the Clean Smart Cities Project to promote tourism.