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ACC Public Display BACKLASH

What happened yesterday is a mistake from the ACC. The ACC should now go back to the drawing board to correct it and I believe they will do so. But that does not change the fact that the ACC boss Francis Ben Kaifala is the best so far since the establishment of the ACC. it’s sad to say that the entire educational system in Sierra Leone has been a total mess and to a larger extent an organized crime. If you listen to the narration or submission made by the ACC czar, it will interest you to know that organizational structure of the malpractice happening in our educational sector boils down from our WAEC headquarter in Freetown to the principals, teachers and then to the student. The students are just beneficiaries of the advantage solicited from our stakeholders in the education sector. It’s appalling and a disgrace to this country. Imagine, a guy attempting an exam for a female student. Just imagine the educational blunder we are committing for the next generation to come…. And u can imagine the SLTU Morris Conteh on radio accepting that exam malpractice has been happening with the support of their members (ie Principals and Teachers) and that they are still advising their members to desist from it because it is now a crime. Is the SLTU guy for real? So you mean, it was never a crime until now? Imagine the acceptability of such crime even by SLTU including our very defenders of the laws of this country. ACC should just charge the matter to court and expedite justice for all.

But again, Yasmin Jusu-sheriff, Victor Lansana and even Patricia Narsu Ndanema, Basita Michael including other Human Rights Lawyers and the Human Rights Commission should focus their attention on fighting for more vulnerable people in the country and not just highly publicized cases. They are doing a great job and we hope they continue to do so in the interest of all.

The level of acceptability and awareness for the fight against corruption is over 80% and I must state that we will be able to minimize corruption (if not to eradicate) if we all put hands on deck and help the commission.. It’s a winnable fight.

At least, we are now more concerned with the fight against corruption and upholding the Human Rights of all than before…

Methinks, the Judiciary should now do everything they can to win the confidence of the people. They have the greatest role to play in the fight against corruption.. But ooo ya, we don loss confidence pan dem bcoz of d polarized politics wae don takeover wi judiciary.

And plz Ade Macaulay (former ACC boss) should be the last person in this country to tell us about corruption or the Rule of Law. Leh e nor vex we plz. Duya Ade Macaulay.


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