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A Plea To President Koroma By Daniel Oldfield

The Bible and I believe the Holy Koran says we MUST be our’s brother’s/sister’s Keeper, meaning we should be concerned for mankind regardless. Thats why I’m using this forum to appeal to the Father of the Nation and lover of Sports President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, to use his good office to ensure Mohamed Kallon does not LOOSE His Property along Lumley Beach Road. This is what the head or senior staff of Sierra Leone Tourist Board insinuated during an interview on the popular program THE PODIUM at SLBC Sierra Leone at New England, just last week. He was asked by the young host about Mohamed Kallon’s Property, the Tourist Board official boldly noted “WE ARE GOING TO REPOSSESS THE LAND !!what does he mean by uttering such nonsense? Even when pushed by the presenter about them giving Kallon a second chance, he shrugged that off by saying The Patriot who’ve done so much for Sierra Leone didn’t live up to expectations. In fact they stopped the construction of what would have been a Hotel with employment opportunities for many. For all they say, ¬†National Tourist Board would have plans already to sell the guys property to Foreigners, most likely Chinese, among others. President Koroma’s Agenda for PROSPERITY shouldn’t be translated into Patriotic Sierra Leoneans like Kallon losing their hard earned PROPERTY to any foreigner. The Nigerian/Ghanaian governments will never treat their Stars both past and present in that manner. The likes of J.J.Okocha, Nwanko Kanu or Abedi Pele, Asamoah Gyan no way. Mohamed Kallon sweated and bled defending the Green-white-blue of Mama Salone. He doesn’t deserve his property seized by Thieves and unpatriotic people parading as the big guys in Town. I’m not related to Kallon neither do I have any vested interest, I’m a journalist who believes JUSTICE MUST BE SEEN TO BE DONE.

Thanks Mr President Sir.

Lets all stay blessed..

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