42 – JBZ Production


Born Amidu Sesay known as Jabez one of sierra Leone’s most outstanding Comedian and Advertising Specialist. Jabez started comedy at St. John primary school moved on to St. Edwards Secondary School. He was initially spotted by Nasiru Tejan back then at SLBS now SLBC, Jbz rose to prominence when few like-minded people like David Vandy, Daniel Moseray and Others joined The Bintumani Players and Ambassadors and was named the wan pot. The Drama TV Series started in 2002 to ease the stigma of the civil war amongst sierra Leoneans, the most watched Drama series back then. jabez is now the chief Executive officer for JBZ production. His latest short comedy skit titled 42 will left you amazed.

By: Mohamed Basiru Sanusi (Ambassador Bash)